Redefining distribution networks for more efficient and sustainable content delivery

In 2016, founders Sergio D. Coca, Miguel Coronado, and Pablo Hesse took on a new mission: creating a scalable and sustainable way for data to move. They decided to start with video delivery: Teltoo. After graduating from the Virgin Media / Techstars program, Teltoo developed an industry-leading, decentralized video network that gives operators, media companies, and enterprises the ability to solve the uncertainty of video streaming by maintaining control over cost, quality of service and unpredictable bandwidth spikes. Funded in part by Liberty Global, Telefonica, and CableLabs, Teltoo has quickly grown to be one of the most innovative, trusted, and disruptive companies in the video streaming delivery space. Today, content providers are already struggling to deliver broadcast-quality streaming video to their viewers. By 2021, streaming video is expected to grow to 82% of total internet traffic. This, along with the rise in more bandwidth-intensive formats, will force operators, broadcasters, and OTT providers to rethink their multi-CDN, server-first strategies. Content providers won’t be able to deploy enough hardware to meet the increasing demand. Teltoo believes there are more sustainable and efficient ways to meet this challenge. We must move beyond deploying racks of servers that waste time, money, and resources only to be used once a year. Teltoo’s software-only video delivery network works with your CDN to optimize the hardware you already use by scaling on demand when needed and improving the quality of service for viewers.

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