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Every HP OMEN Gaming PC is shipped stock with Parsec's game streaming tech 

To say that the future of gaming is in the Cloud would be an understatement - Cloud gaming is already here, and Parsec is bringing the experience to a computer near you. CEO Benjy Boxer and his team got together to build Parsec in a bid to preserve the fun and camaraderie that came with playing the first generation of gaming consoles into the cloud. 

Boxer says he’s always considered Parsec to be more of a game streaming platform rather than a strictly cloud gaming service. Indeed, game streaming, they quickly realized, would be the best way to replicate the unique experience of playing ‘together’ with friends.  They recognized in streaming technology an opportunity to decouple gaming entertainment from bulky and expensive hardware. For decades, PC gaming experiences were limited by the capabilities of a user’s machine, and by association, funds. 

With the advent of high bandwidth connections, and the widespread availability of low latency streaming hardware on the commercial market all that would change. While they’ve got no illusions about the overall benefits of playing games on local hardware, their technology focuses instead on offering gamers unique gaming experiences like ‘co-playing’ to share rather than alternative game distribution methods like cloud gaming is mostly known for today.

“We approached the problem from the ground up,” says Parsec. They went about building their capturing, encoding, streaming, decoding, and rendering technology for a native low-latency, high frame rate and HD gaming environment. 

Parsec has managed to carve out a niche in an increasingly crowded and competitive market through unique offerings, like partnering with the cloud-based GPU-accelerated virtual machines hosting company Paperspace to offer low latency, and high-quality streamers optimized for remote gaming. This means that gamers can expect 60 fps video streaming over the internet from any access point. Paperspace’s Parsec Template even comes with Steam, Origin, Razer & the Blizzard App and Google Chrome pre-installed. 

But for those who don’t like renting, Parsec’s most interesting feature might just be the ability for users to configure their own gaming rig remotely which could be then accessed from anywhere. It looks like that might be what caught the eye of execs at Hewlett-Packard. HP surprised many at CES 2018 when they announced that Parsec would be powering their new OMEN Game Streaming Software which will be shipped out with every HP OMEN Gaming PC. This means that Parsec basically turns any computer into a virtual gaming server. 

While Parsec still sees itself as a gaming platform for the time being, there is no reason why its tech can’t be used as a complete PC replacement. 


Parsec for gamers

Couch multiplayer just went online. Discover new ways to play, watch, and share games with your friends.

Raising the bar on how you access your games from anywhere

Parsec is a high performance, low latency 60 FPS remote access product connecting you to your computer from anywhere.

Silky smooth screen sharing. 

Parsec’s proprietary technology allows gamers of all stripes to play their favorite games at 60 FPS HD across multiple devices anywhere, anytime and virtually lag free.

Local co-op is local no more. 

With the Parsec platform you can play any multiplayer game with anyone in the world with extremely low lag. Play any game online without worrying about subscribing to online services and which platform and hardware you and your friends use.

The arcade of the future.

In the Arcade, we make it easier to find someone to play your favorite games with. It’s a matchmaking service that helps you play local multiplayer games online with anyone anywhere in the world.

Parsec for teams

Collaborate on game development, CAD, and video editing without missing a frame with the best remote desktop solution out there.

Endless Applications. No Hardware Necessary.

We give any team smooth, low latency, 60 FPS remote desktop access. With UHD video streaming and absolute & relative mouse handling, Parsec can handle the most intense graphics you’ve got. No custom configurations or virtual machines. A simple download and you’re up and running.

Teamwork Management

Upgrade to Parsec for Teams and unlock advanced team management tools. Create an organization, invite your team, and manage who has access to a computer on the fly.

Secure Streaming

Login with multi-factor authentication through either an application or IP address. Video, audio, and input packets are encrypted with DTLS and handled peer-to-peer. Your work’s safe with Parsec.

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