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Tencent Cloud brings Gameye's unique, scalable and innovative game session hosting solution to gamers on every inhabited continent

Lag and jitter are the bane of any online gaming experience. latency and packet loss issues only get worse for players located further away from the main gaming servers. But with 5G networks covering more and more of us, there renewed hope among gamers that the next generation of scalable and innovative worldwide game session hosting solutions could reinvigorate online experiences for some of the biggest fast-paced player v player titles out there.

For multinational cloud services giants like Tencent Cloud, the solution comes in the form of the Rotterdam-based online game-hosting services company Gameye.

Gameye’s unique, scalable and innovative worldwide game session hosting solution gives game studios the power to deploy online game sessions closer to their players. Gameye leverages 5G networking technology to run games on geographically distributed public cloud and mobile edge servers. This immeasurable advantage in stability, response times and overall gameplay feel for online games over 4G LTE was made clear in Europe’s first 5G live gaming test held in February 2020.

This made Gameye a natural fit for Tencent Cloud’s operations both in Europe and China - meaning that Gameye now provides smoother online gaming experiences in every inhabited continent. 

The partnership is a mutually beneficial one, as highlighted by Tencent Europe VP Li Shiwei who pointed out that “Gameye customers can take advantage of Tencent Cloud’s performance infrastructure and scale, as well as our strengths in areas like Gaming PaaS, AI and Big Data and Global Reach.”

The dutch team had previously raised €1.4 million in seed funding three years after its founding in 2016.

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