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Game Studios like Ubisoft provide smoother gaming experiences by deploying titles on Edgegap's  low-latency solution

Latency is the scourge of the gaming industry. Many-a-gamer have vented frustration over online multiplayer experiences ruined by lag. With more and more gaming moving online, and world-events precipitating developments in the world of e-sports, there is a market out there for low-latency gaming solutions.  That said, latency is caused by physical distance between game servers and the end-user. This means that while game studios can’t expect to do away with lag completely, they might hold out hope for the Montréal-based startup Edgegap. 

Edgegap’s solution to the latency problem is to bring the gaming servers as close to the gamers as physically possible: by replacing outdated systems with “next gen” infrastructure on the edge. The company, which was founded in 2018 by ex-Cisco telco specialist Mathieu Dupperré, helps game studios reduce lag and improve player experience through technology that automatically selects the fastest server in the network for a determined group of players.

Edgegap’s decision-maker tool “Arbitrium” cuts lag by orchestrating multiple locations to find the best suited edge locations for online matches rather than through centralized data centers. This solution was publicly put to the test against Ubisoft’s blockbuster game Far Cry 5 last Fall. Edgegaop’s proof-of-concept successfully demonstrates how their tech reduces latency by a staggering 58 percent compared to Ubisoft's legacy architecture - reducing average roundtrip times for data from 116 to 49 milliseconds. 

The test’s success has serious implications for purveyors of edge solutions, and “could help move the sector further along by helping to create demand for such services,” writes Martha Degrasse for Light Reading, “if service providers and others continue to invest in mini data centers for edge computing, the telecom industry and the gaming industry could have a lot to offer one another.” The relationship is symbiotic: “gamers need the proximity of edge servers, and the companies that invest in those servers will need the traffic to generate financial returns.” 

“Milliseconds can be worth millions” in the gaming market valued at an estimated $152 billion. Reducing latency provides game studios an indisputable “edge” over their competitors. As eSports competitions move online amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, networking issues plaguing real-time multiplayer gaming are increasingly under scrutiny. Studios slow to adopt solutions like Edgegap won’t be able to ensure fair levels of latency amongst competitors.

Unsurprisingly, Edgegap’s focus on easy integration appeals to game developers looking to reach new markets around the world by improving the player experience in locations where lack of server access previously deemed them impractical.  Their elegant edge solution has caught the eye of multiple gaming industry investors, with Konvoy Ventures and Hiro Capital leading the startup’s $1 million seed financing round. Their team recently expanded with the appointment of gaming industry veteran Vincent Archambault as Chief Strategy Officer, whose 15 years experience as a game producer imparts direct insight into studios’ infrastructure needs.


The solution to lag

Orchestration is key in leveraging Edge computing to beat lag. While the Edge Computing infrastructure market is bubbling, the number of standards, manufacturers and groups claiming to be "THE" edge solution keeps growing. We can help you leverage those technologies through our infrastructure management solutions.

Dedicated Game Server

Leverage our expertise in integrating and managing multi-cloud environments to get the most of each infrastructure while keeping track of every deployment. Each game comes with specific requirements, and every infrastructure is different. Being able to recognize those specificities and enforce them is crucial. We can help you develop and deploy your games to support new Edge Compute infrastructure.

Reliable Infrastructure

From the network layer up to the application, our team has the right experience at every level. Our solutions and our team will make sure your online gaming services remain up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A special Ops team tracks each instance and every game to answer quickly in case of problems. No more outages for game upgrades - our service allows for seamless cut-over between game versions and for a smooth, continuous, player experience.

Smart MatchMaker

Our matchmaker solution, based on industry standards, takes into account the infrastructure and the group of players before making a decision. Players can expect to have minimal lag and optimal experience, while avoiding other players trying to join their matches using VPNs from different regions.

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