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Alef's CBRS provides new monetization opportunities for industries relying on edge computing and strict latency requirements

With 5G networks covering an ever larger number of cities, the potential for leveraging internet applications on the edge is being harnessed in unique ways. Deploying Mobile edge Area Network over Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) at any tower location should provide new monetization opportunities for several types of industries who rely on edge computing and strict latency requirements to operate such as smart retail, private networks, mobile health care and drones. 

AlefEdge, a leader in the 5G-enabled application space, deployed the first-ever such Mobile edge area network over CBRS in Foxborough, Massachusetts in December 2019. The project brought together several key industry partners already engaged in the rapidly-developing edge ecosystem, including Packet and Federated Wireless. AlefEdge played a leading role in deploying this edge over CBRS network over an important data center operated by one of the largest wireless communications infrastructure providers in the US.

Open and easy to access APIs have always been a hallmark of AlefEdge’s 5G applications services platform. Their software stack works with any network as a plug and play overlay. By placing their cloud-native software at the Edge, they’re aiming to pave the way for the next generation of the Internet. 

AlefEdge CEO Dr. Ganesh Sundaram insists that launching the Edge Internet over CBRS is a real game changer in the mobile industry because replicating this sort of deployment requires comparatively little investment in infrastructure. “This reference application is just one example of how the edge can offer new experiences for applications across all industries,” Sundaram says.

The edge computing innovator has since launched its first edge solution, called AlefAdVision, for Microsoft Azure. AdVision is expected to bring real-time, targeted advertising to life on connected screens. Company execs say this is first of many solutions the company plans to deploy on Azure Edge Zones. These zones enable developers to build optimized and scalable applications using Azure and directly connected to 5G networks, taking advantage of consistent Azure APIs and tooling available in the public cloud.

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