Cloud gaming

Provide subscribers with latency-free access to the latest online game titles

Cloud gaming platforms stream games to any device, using the compute and processing strengths of the cloud. With cloud gaming, users no longer need physical consoles or PCs to play top titles: all they need is a compatible streaming platform, subscription to the growing number of cloud gaming services, and a fast network connection. With consoles presenting an ever-more prohibitive initial cash investment, the near ubiquity of cloud-compatible devices like smartphones, tablets, and TVs, and the growing interest in gaming on-the-go: the cloud gaming industry is positioned to skyrocket. 

But the ability to successfully turn any device into a powerful gaming platform is contingent on accessing the compute power necessary to render high definition graphics in real-time from the edge. Otherwise, would-be-gamers are left with slow, laggy, gameplay: rendering the new cloud gaming subscription they just bought useless. In order for network providers to provide subscribers with latency-free access to the latest online game titles, they need to shift data processing as close as possible to the end-users.

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