The lack of low latency & reliable compute

Has forced on device compute, with costly hardware & maintaince, infrequent software updates, short battery life, and limited processing power.

Remote Desktops & Gaming
Autonomous Vehicles

Meet Mutable's Public Edge Cloud

Use datacenters nearby

Now push the devices compute to the network edge, to run the power-hungry code. Again, instead of shipping expensive single-use equipment, take advantage of the datacenters only 50 miles away.

Data Security

Keep your sensitive data and software out of reach from prying hands. Instead of keeping data on-site and unsecured, or in the cloud over the dangerous internet. You can now use datacenters nearby that have secure facilities and closed networks.

Fast & Reliable

With low latency compute you can now send HD Video including high frames per second for image recognition and AR/VR. Even better quality for collaboration and remotely controlling equipment and robots in real-time, with powerful Software Defined Networks (SDN).

Public Cloud vs. Public Edge Cloud

Cloud Data Center

More than 500 miles away

> 60 ms latency

The car moved over four feet by the time it received a response due to the long distance from the data center.

Micro Data Center

Less than 25 miles away

< 15 ms latency

The car moved less than four inches by the time it received a response, thanks to the close distance to the Micro data center.

Public Edge Cloud

Mutable uses Data Centers from Cable, Wireless, & Cloud providers to deploy & run your code on their servers, adding more locations never before available, adding options other then just the cloud.

Request to the Conventional Cloud

500 mi / 60 ms or more

Request to ISP Regional Data Centers

100 mi / 15 - 30 ms

Request to ISP Edge

25 mi / 10 ms or less